Today I bought a loaf of bread from Sainsbury…

Yummy bread

Give us this bread, our daily bread

OK, I didn’t really buy it from Sainsbury (mainly because hubby works for Tesco, it is on our doorstep and we get discount too!).  So not many reasons to need to buy a loaf at Sainsbury today, but the point is that I often do go out of my way to shop elsewhere.

The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes it is good to do something out of the ordinary.  By conforming to do what you’ve always done just because it is close by, you’re expected to or (God forbid) you actually care about what people might think of you if you changed your shopping habits (yes, there are people out there who do care and worry about this very thing – how sad is that?) you resign yourself to stay in a hum drum rut.

If you don’t do something different, something to break your routine, it’s unlikely you’ll discover new opportunities, new ways of working or even thinking!  So just because you’ve always done your own admin, raised your own invoices, edited your website, researched your competitors, etc., doesn’t mean you have to continue to do it.  Why not step away from the comfortable routine and outsource those tasks that don’t actually earn you money.  Be brave, try to outsource a few tasks at first. You’ll be amazed at how liberating it is.

Go on, be brave – buy a loaf of bread from Sainsbury/Tesco/Waitrose/M&S – shake things up (just a bit and let me know how you get on)

Sarah Bradley
Executive Virtual Assistant

2 thoughts on “Today I bought a loaf of bread from Sainsbury…

  1. Dee says:

    I really did buy a loaf of bread today but it wasn\’t from Sainsbury\’s! Definitely like the part in your article about not conforming. Doing that (or at least trying to), in bucketloads. Keep on NOT conforming 🙂


  2. Sally says:

    Excellent post and really well written 🙂 It\’s good to be unique and not conforming, we are who we are 🙂 Fab! Thank you for coming last night!


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