If I Get Run Over by a Bus…

Ding Ding, tickets please...

I’ve always been a keen advocate of having an updated ‘If I Get Run Over By A Bus’ document/file containing a full set of instructions covering who, what, where, when, why and how.

Not the cheeriest of subjects, but having one I guarantee will give you a top ‘feel good’ factor.

I’m an optimist so if the bus does ‘get me’, I assume that there’ll be a good chance I will survive, so this document will be handy for those trying to keep all the plates spinning whilst I’m out of circulation not to mention if the worst should happen.

If you’ve ever had to act as an Executor, you’ll appreciate what I’m trying to say all too well!  Grieving aside, there will be a tremendous void depending on the amount of details that had been managed by the deceased.

Why complicate feelings of loss with a mystery?

Details to include:

* Copies of important documents
* Where documents are filed
* Procedures to follow within hours and days
* Where immediate cash can be obtained
* How to process insurance claims
* Where cars and other equipment are serviced
* Serial numbers
* Contact details of trades people
* Automatic payments from bank accounts

… and so on

If giving is greater than receiving, consider this a precious gift to those you’ll leave behind. And since it is unlikely you’ll be given much advance notice about these things, why wait? If you don’t have time, why not get a Virtual Assistant to help you or even nag *ahem* remind you about it?

I have a handy template available, just email me for a copy free of charge.

I’m a firm believer that if you prepare for these things you tend to ward them off happening.  But I’m superstitious like that… but looking both ways before you cross the street helps too 😉

Sarah Bradley
Executive Virtual Assistant

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