Too Young to Network?

Youngest Networker?

My eldest is ‘Help-a-Boy’

I was a bit late picking up my 6 year old from school yesterday.  I rushed up the board-walk to his classroom to find he had an audience of teachers and assistants.

He usually gets upset when I’m not standing with all the other parents eagerly waiting for their offspring, but not today.  Puzzled, I asked if he’d had a good day and he beamed at me and said “Yes, mum, I’ve been telling all the teachers what you do.”

“And what did you tell them?” I asked, praying he didn’t tell them I bought toilet rolls and typed a lot (which was what he used to tell nursery staff I did when he was about 3 – don’t ask me how he arrived at that conclusion).

I kid you not; this was what he said, verbatim:

“I said you help people with their work and they asked how, so I told them you help them with business stuff and you call yourself Help Ahoy which isn’t anything to do with pirates”.

From the mouths of babes…

Then, after I’d hugged the life out of him and embarrassed him in front of his friends by kissing the top of his head multiple times and repeatedly telling him how proud I was, he asked if he could have some of my business cards to take into school in the morning!  To which I burst out laughing (more hugs and kisses ensued…)

His book bag is duly sporting a small envelope with my business cards.  Will they get handed out?  I doubt it, but it doesn’t matter.  He is networking for me.  He is proud of me and what I do.

This might not sound ‘that’ important, but as a guilt-ridden mum who juggles being a Virtual Assistant, running a home and bringing up two kids, it is music to my ears and is something I will never forget.

Can you be too young to network?  Apparently not!  I wonder if 4Networking will start Junior 4N Passports?

Is he Britain’s youngest Business Networker?

If you can beat this, do share.

Sarah Bradley
Executive Virtual Assistant (and proud mum!)

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