Why should I hire a VA over an office temp?

Temp or VA?

Why should I hire a VA?

This is a question I often get asked so hopefully this blog will go some way to explain why.

VAs only charge for 100% of their Productive Time.  You don’t pay for a VA whilst they pop to the loo, do the coffee run or chat with Carol in Accounts about last night’s Soap.  Hire a temp for a week and you will need to pay them for that whole week (and that includes their coffee, lunch and tea breaks. If you only need a VA’s services for 1 hour per day then that’s all you need to pay!

Experienced VA’s are usually more flexible when it comes to working hours because of the unique way we work online. This means that we can agree to working at night, out of hours or even at weekends. Hire a Temp and they will need to work in your office during office hours.

VA’s don’t need extensive training and orientation as we’re so used to providing a wide range of services to different clients. All we need is a clear brief and concise instruction in order for us to turn round your work on time and within budget.

You don’t have to find a spare desk, PC or phone as VAs have fully kitted offices and invest in the latest technology and software to enable them to perform their services safely and securely. Many VAs are masters of SAAS (cloud technology) and are wizards at getting things done quickly and efficiently.

VA’s usually have more experience and most have many years of experience out in the ‘real’ world in a variety of industries before they decided to set up in business for themselves. Whilst many temps are also skilled workers, most VAs have superior skills in many areas and also understand the pressures of running a business as we’re business owners ourselves! A VA also offers more continuity as it is rare to get the same person back as a temp a few weeks down the line.

VA’s take an interest in your success because we’re business owners ourselves. We know the importance of having effective, timely and reliable support in order for your business to grow. Temp workers do not always work with that mindset. Many temp workers are in between jobs and only care about the tasks they’re given and often can’t or don’t want to see the bigger picture.

A good VA will also be covered by Professional Indemnity Insurance policy and be registered with the Information Commissioners Office under the Data Protection Act and will understand the security measures required to keep your data safe. A good VA will also offer to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to ensure sensitive and highly confidential material is not disclosed.

Actually, no it isn’t. Think about the time you spend doing (and hating) all your own admin. We can lift that burden from as little as £100 per month. We’re sure you’ll earn double that with all the time we’re freeing up alone.

There are plenty of other reasons why it is better to hire a VA over an office temp, but for now, this should have answered the question.

Can you think of other benefits of hiring a VA over a temp? If so, please do leave a comment.

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