Walk n Work…

Treadmill Desk V1With the help of my husband, we crafted the #DIY #TreadmillDesk featured above.


Because ‘driving’ a desk for a living was killing me.  Literally.

Research has shown that humans aren’t designed to sit all day.  We are more energised, focused and are less likely to suffer from the ill effects of slouching in front of a computer screen if we simply stand or walk whilst using a computer or watching the TV.

“But I work out every day, so that’s OK right?”  Sadly not.  Even planned exercise every day isn’t enough to counteract the harm done by sitting for 8 hours or more a day #Fact.

Dr James Levine, a leading specialist in obesity, says we suffer from the ‘Sitting Disease’.  We spend nearly 15 hours a day sitting in cars, desks, in front of the TV.  The age of electronics and the Internet has robbed us of the change to burn up enough calories each day, leaving us less active (and much heavier) than we were 30 years ago.

What we need to do is get moving or None Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT).  His book ‘Move a Little, Lose a Lot‘ explains how to ‘Escape Our Desk Sentence’.

We made our DIY Treadmill Desk for around £150 (and that included a used treadmill we found on eBay).  The cost of the ready made versions range from £1,500 upwards so this is a small investment in comparison to shelling out for a Lifespan.

I’ll be letting you know how I get on in the coming months.  For now, I can tell you that I’ve written this whilst walking.  It was weird at first.  After a while you don’t even think about it.  Bit like walking and chewing gum ;)  I’m not at the level where I can dance on the treadmill yet, but I’m working on it!

All is not lost if you are unable to go to such lengths, here’s an article showing you what you can do to reduce the risks associated with the Sitting Disease

Has this inspired you to have a go?  If so, please do share by commenting below.

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