Umm Crunchies (chocs or exercise?)

Our house is sporting an over abundance of chocolate at the moment.  Am doing my duty and reducing the mountain of naughty stuff in advance of our New Year Resolutions to be healthier (notice I didn’t say thinner?). Off to grab a coffee and a Crunchie then!

An advertiser’s dream

Whilst out doing the 'Big' shop with both kids this afternoon I was tickled. Not physically of course. I was tickled by my 5 y/o's comment as we hurried down the detergents aisle. He stopped dead in his tracks and I struggled not to mow him over. He then reached for a small chunky bottle … Continue reading An advertiser’s dream

Thank You Gifts for Teachers

My 5 y/o is just coming to the end of his first year in his Reception Class and we were trying to decide what to give Mrs Penny and the 3 teaching assistants to thank them all for being wonderful teachers (and they were wonderful!)I did some research (which if you know me well - … Continue reading Thank You Gifts for Teachers

No hugging & No kissing

Had a difficult chat with the boys this morning...After the first confirmed case of Swine Flu was reported at my youngest son's nursery combined with the death of an apparently healthy 6 y/o girl in West London yesterday, I decided to tell my boys not to hug or kiss anyone at nursery or school today. … Continue reading No hugging & No kissing