No hugging & No kissing

Had a difficult chat with the boys this morning…

After the first confirmed case of Swine Flu was reported at my youngest son’s nursery combined with the death of an apparently healthy 6 y/o girl in West London yesterday, I decided to tell my boys not to hug or kiss anyone at nursery or school today. The difficult part was explaining why.

My 5 y/o took it in his stride and was even able to recount to his Dad what I’d said and in very simple and succint manner – he could teach me a thing or two about summarising stuff!

My 3 y/o just accepted it, looked up at his big brother and then to me and said “No mummy, we won’t”.

My 5 y/o said, “I’d especially need to tell ‘M’ to keep away from me as she’s always trying to kiss me” [which is still a worry after ‘M’ had asked him to show her his ‘thing’ in the playground a couple of weeks ago – resulting in a stern talk …]

Then, just before they got into the car, I rushed down the path in my nightie in the pouring rain and hugged and kissed them both – Doh!

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