Bye Paypal, Hello GoCardLess…

gocardless-logoIf you’re looking for an easy and inexpensive way for people to pay you GoCardLess gets my vote.  Ideal for direct debits or recurring payments and oh so simple to use and a fraction of the cost of Paypal too.

GoCardless allows you to benefit from the great fees and low failure rates of Direct Debit, without the operational complexity associated with traditional providers.

I used to charge a fee to clients who paid me via Paypal but I don’t need to now because the fees with GoCardLess are so reasonable.

What’s not to like?

  • I get paid quickly with no fuss
  • I make it easy for clients to pay me, plus
  • If you follow my link we both get £50 if you sign up (yes, way!)

So that’s a win:win:win woohoo!

For more details follow the GoCardLess link here


About SJABradley

Mum to 2 boys, wife, Virtual PA using the best in Cloud Tech. Love being a VA in Somerset and a Ketogenic lifestyle
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