Thank You Gifts for Teachers

My 5 y/o is just coming to the end of his first year in his Reception Class and we were trying to decide what to give Mrs Penny and the 3 teaching assistants to thank them all for being wonderful teachers (and they were wonderful!)

I did some research (which if you know me well – is what I do for EVERYTHING and ANYTHING – God bless the internet!) and found that the common themes are chocolates & mugs. I had visions of teachers in the staff room fighting to get to the kettle through the hundreds of novelty mugs and looking wanly at the stacked boxes of chocolate.

Then the thought struck me – if I was a teacher what would I want 30 or so pupils to give me?

Here’s my list:

Option 1 – a simple handmade card (made by the pupil, not parents!)
Option 2 – a donation to a green or child-based charity in my name
Option 3 – a modest gift voucher for JEWELLERY!!!!!!!

The Modest-Angel inside me said Option 1 or just a simple ‘thanks Miss’
The Eco-Angel inside me shouted option 2
but the Bling-Angel won and I chose option 3

At my £5 voucher could actually turn into £15 if they register to receive their newsletter as they receive a £10 e-voucher to spend online.

I now have visions of teachers turning up for the new school term in September ‘Blinged Up To Their Eyeballs’ in jewellery – heyho (or should I say ‘Hiho’…)

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