An advertiser’s dream

Whilst out doing the ‘Big’ shop with both kids this afternoon I was tickled. Not physically of course. I was tickled by my 5 y/o’s comment as we hurried down the detergents aisle.

He stopped dead in his tracks and I struggled not to mow him over. He then reached for a small chunky bottle of liquid and said “Mum, we NEED this”, “No we don’t sweetheart” I replied whilst trying to manouvre the trolley past him. “Yes we do Mum coz it means we can wash with cold water” “I don’t think so darling” I said, to which he replied “s’true Mum the man on Cartoon Network said so and it’s called Ariel Excel”

How on earth did a product like that anchor itself into the brain of a 5 y/o boy?

Did I buy it? No, of course not, but I did smile at him and gave him a big hug. It certainly made a change from pleading for sweets …

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