There’s SNOW business like NO Business…

All the doom and gloom about the bad weather affecting
businesses might make good headlines (although that is debatable) but there is
an upside!

The bad weather is actually having a positive effect for us at Help Ahoy (dare
I say it?) we’ve a steady flow of enquiries from businesses who’s staff can’t
get in because of the snow or can’t get in because their child’s school or
nursery is closed.

I think the bad weather highlights the drive and determination people have, but
I don’t think we should reward heroic efforts to get in just in case it ends
badly.  I also think we need to cut
people slack too. If they can’t get in, they can’t get in.  The saying ‘if you trust someone you make them
trustworthy’ is very apt.  Trust your
staff to make the right decision.

I work from home so my 60 second commute isn’t hampered by anything other than
the odd toy left on the landing LOL!

Being business support professionals with fully equipped home offices mean
Virtual Assistants are a good failsafe for when your own staff can’t get in.  Having your calls diverted to a VA maintains that perception of professionalism
and ensures clients don’t resort to contacting your competitors!

Setting up staff so they can work from home during the bad weather is now
proving to be a necessity rather than a ‘nice to have’.  If the bad
weather has done one thing really well and that is to test Disaster Recovery

Back to the SNOW business:  My sons have been busy making snow angels and
have been generous enough to make snow angels for our neighbours on their front
lawns (we have very understanding neighbours!) Magical memories that will last
a lifetime…

And remember, just because you can’t get into work doesn’t mean you can’t be
productive AND enjoy the snow!

And finally…

snow balls = good
ice balls = not good

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