Reasons to be cheeful 1 2 3 …

Now I’m probably aging myself for quoting song lyrics from Ian Dury and the Blockheads, but I care not a jot.

One major reason for being cheerful is not having to do the tasks that don’t enhance revenue or don’t move your business forward.  The joy experienced by successful people in being able to do the things they are passionate about is a clear benefit.  As the saying goes, ‘Work doesn’t feel like work when you enjoy it’…

Utilising a good team of Virtual Assistants can bring you happiness.  Sounds like a cult ‘Moonie’ thing, but it isn’t.  It just makes perfect business sense.

Still unsure?

I came across 75 Virtual Assistant Tips for Small Home Businesses courtesy of the good people at Winweb here 75 Virtual Assistant Tips for Small and Home Businesses.

So, before I’m tempted to launch into any more Ian Dury lyrics about ‘rhythm sticks’ and the like, I’ll leave you to consider all the wonderful ways in which Help Ahoy could throw you and your business a lifeline …

Bye for now

Sarah – Throwing Your Business A Lifeline…

PS  Fancy listening to Mr Dury? Here y’go  Enjoy!

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