It’s Time Share Jim, but not as we know it…

When I was a traditional Executive PA restricted to an office desk on the 22nd floor of a City office block, I often got approached and, on a few occasions, professionally headhunted.  My response was usually the same.  I thanked them and politely declined saying I was flattered but my loyalty lay with my boss.  However, on the days when my boss was travelling and everything was ‘ship-shape and Bristol fashion’ I’d find myself trying to find tasks to occupy my time.  During these times I’d wonder why I couldn’t simply help out those people who’d paid me the ultimate compliment.

Fast forward to today.  Hey presto, now I can.  The beauty of being a self employed Virtual Personal Assistant is that I can work for as many people as I like.  As long as the projects are managed well, it means that I can (and do) complete everything to the best of my ability and to the high standards I set myself.

It occurred to me that this is the simplest form of Time Share.  OK, you don’t get to bring the entire family to holiday in a chalet in my back garden for the first two weeks in August every year, but I can certainly sort out somewhere for you to stay if this is your desire ;o)

Business people who don’t have the budget for a top notch PA or don’t have the space to accommodate one in their home offices can now have access to the skills that were once only available to large corporate executives.

Hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant doesn’t need to be daunting either.  Why not ask for a commitment free ‘taster session’ to see how a VPA can help you work Smarter, not Harder?

Finally, for all you Trekkies out there attracted by the title of this post – Live long and prosper  Open-mouthed

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